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Released on October 18th 2018, at the Sunset-Sunside in Paris


A project born in the fall of 2017 through the collaboration of Josephine Chloe, multi-instrumentalist and Jazz / Folk singer, with bassist Eric Delblond (performing with Imany, Rachelle Ferrell, Alain Jean-Marie, Lizz McComb...). Their first single will be released in late 2018.

Lineup :
Josephine Chloe - vocals, handpan, synth, percussion
Eric Delblond - bass, synth, effects


Singer and multi-instrumentalist in pop/jazz/folk, Josephine is remarkable in her singular and enveloping voice, as well as for her handpan, an instrument that continues to expand her universe. She performs in several renowned venues (Sunset-Sunside in Paris, Sounds in Brussels). In June 2018, she won the Andrée Chedid (Spring of Poets) grand prize, the 10th edition of the competition chaired by Arthur H. On June 23rd, she participated in the tour "YOU & Me", with Julien Doré, performing as the solo opening act at the Olympia.

Bassist, composer, arranger, native of Guadeloupe, Eric exemplifies groove, on stage and in studio. He accompanies and records with many artists from the Caribbean, European and international scenes, including Imany, Alain Jean-Marie, Rachelle Ferrell, Dominik Coco, Akiyo, Leedyah Barlagne, Meemee Nelzy, Tanya St-Val, Victor O, Kennenga, Admiral T, Etana, « Vigon - Bamy - Jay », Lizz McComb, Maggie Blanchard, and others.


Concerts 2018

25.11.18 Neimënster - Luxembourg

30.11.18 La Place Rouge - Paris

24.01.19 l'Âge d'Or - Paris

24.05.19 Centre Culturel Sonis - Guadeloupe

Passed Concerts

18.10.18 Sunset Sunside RELEASE EP - Paris

20.07.18 OFF Jazz à Juan - Juan les Pins

21.06.18 Bleury Saint Symphorien

3.06.18 Cultura La Défense - Paris

8.03.18 Marie d'Issy les Moulineaux - Issy les Moulineaux



Selection FIP (radio) 
"Tout nouveau, tout FIP"


Le festival « JAMMIN’ SUMMER SESSION » 2017-2018

DYAS was selected to participate to Jammin' Juan 2017, a select group chosen for the Jazz à Juan's inner festival circle. Concert on 20.7.18




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